Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Catching Up on the Backlog pt. 1: Cartoon Studies

Well, it finally happened. I finally got a scanner so you know what that means.

In looking through my stuff, I actually had to be critical and say "Nope, this is not worth scanning" or "This is not ready for prime-time." so its not going to be a complete showing of my stuff. Some of the drawings need to be cleaned up but otherwise, there's still a lot, too much to put into one post so I'm splitting them into multiple posts. Even this one is pretty long.

Here are my cartoon studies. My original post had the drawings set up a certain way but the layout wouldn't allow it so I centered them

First, Pepe Le Pew.











Bugs Bunny, by Bob McKimson







Re-dos of the Daffy Ducks I drew months ago here


Baba Looey


The fawn and the raccoon from this model sheet I got from Animation Resources









This one is not from the model sheet but from a screen capture from "Dumbo". The next two are from "Fantasia" and "The Fox and the Hound"


Different kind of Woody Woodpecker



I found I was having trouble drawing human cartoon characters so I switched to more humanoid characters. I attempted Betty Boop but she didn't turn out so good so I may try again someday. 


and some of these




end of part 1
EDIT: I forgot one!
This is from a screen capture of "Baby Bottleneck". I didn't scan it right away because it was in a hardcover sketchbook and I was having trouble trying to scan it. 


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