Monday, December 14, 2009

Last Eppy Doodles

So...which are the best?

More Eppy Doodles

Eppy Doodles 1

I was trying to draw a simplified, cartoony Brian Epstein.

Sixties Songbirds 6: Jackie DeShannon

It's Jackie Deshannon!
I wanted to better define her arms/shoulders but the pic I used was bad quality.

Sixties Songbirds 5: Marianne Faithfull

It's Marianne Faithfull!

Sixties Songbirds 4: Nico

It's Nico from the Velvet Underground!
I totally ruined her eyes, though.

Sixties Songbirds 3: Grace Slick

It's Grace Slick from Jefferson Airplane!
I'm not happy with how her eyes turned out, though. :/
The design behind her was from the picture I was copying.

Sixties Songbirds 2: Dusty Springfield

I did this one earlier this evenin'. It's Dusty Springfield!
(fyi, I was going to post all of these 'sticky dumbnesses' in one post but its not working :/)

Sixties Songbirds 1: Petula Clark

Been experimenting with some stuff. I've been drawing sixties female singers on Post-its with pen. (ball-point) I dunno, I was watching a thing on PBS about the musical guests on the Ed Sullivan show in the sixties (YES, they mentioned the Beatles and that's why I tuned in :P) and Petula Clark was singing "Downtown" so I drew her.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Utz Crunch

My interpretation of the Utz Potato Chip girl.
For once (in a really long while, actually) what I pictured in my mind actually came out in what ended up as the final product.
Plus I found a whole pile of paper that doesn't make markers bleed through like the thin computer paper I use most of the time.
I don't know if this is going to be a series, like a series of food mascot girls. My Dad dared me to draw the Morton Salt Girl so I might be doing that at some point.