Thursday, January 28, 2010

Study 5a


And with that, I'm going to bed. Gen. Biology tomorrow.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Look What I Found on the Floor...

I was trying to just draw straight, no pencil, just permanent pen. Pen is not my most favorite drawing medium but...I need to work on it.
I don't know how to draw Ringo with his down-turned eyes but have him be happy.
Still can't really whole bodies, then again maybe it has something to do with my habit of cramming all my tiny drawings in one small spot so in the end I never have room for legs or whatever.

I drew John and Ringo because I have the most trouble with them. It's either me or the fluctuating drawing styles I keep copying from. It might be a combination of both.
What's giving me trouble most is John's jaw and where it connects to his neck.
Can you tell I love drawing weird expressions? :P

But yeah, the most trouble I'm having is John's big fat square head and drawing whole bodies in general. Ringo's expressions, yeah they bug me but you can see SOME of 'em I got right.
Not to be a whiny little bratty girl, but specifically I need Lesson 4 of the Preston Blair studies, which is about 2-legged bodies and full body posing but every time I post my last studies, (the dog ones) which has been maybe three or four times, I get nothing. Nobody tells me its good, nobody tells me its bad. I keep wondering if I have a leprous blog or something :/
I'm about to say "Fuck it." and go onto Lesson 4 anyway.

A House Frank Lloyd Wright Didn't Design

Yay, there have been some developments! More than anything. I want THIS year to be the year I start my webcomic.
I have to thank Matthew Bishop (on Twitter) and Eric for helping me flesh out the ideas that will be the big beginning story, which is the Beatles move into this (shown above) Victorian-style house. For some reason I was stuck on the bulk of the comics and the "domestic humor" taking place in either the Beatles' fictional flat in the movie "Help!" (shown here) or a Victorian mansion. WHY those two choices, I don't know. Then I worked myself into a big snit about if I stuck with the "Help!" flat ("They have no bathroom!" "Their rooms aren't seperated!" "I can't draw that!") so the more I talked with Matthew about it, the more I got the gears in my head turning. Maybe I needed a fresh perspective on it.
Pfft, 'fresh perspective', I've been BUGGING people about it for a little over a year. It's not their fault I over think things so much I end up not following through with my ideas.
ANYWAY. So yeah, I talked to Matthew about it and he gave me a lot of ideas. I mean, honestly, he knows a lot more about webcomics than I do and this is my first venture into it. Plus a lot of little things like embracing the absurdity of the source material.  I mean, yeah I guess some of it can be normal stuff like insomnia and touring but why not have ghosts and leprechauns and cat burglars and dream sequences?
I mean...I don't know if I should SPOIL the plot workings of the first story. involves ghosts. Or A ghost. That's all I can say for now :)

That is the crappy sketchy house layout. I actually got a lot of help from my Dad with this and Eric.
Far left: An early version of the house from the outside
Top middle: A Japanese folding changing screen with random notes on the materials
Far right: Layout of the attic bedroom
The two rectangles are the first (left) and second (right) floors.
"P" stands for parlor, "LR" for living room, and "K" for kitchen, FYI.
Hell, I don't even know if I should spoil what the rooms look like right now. I haven't fully drawn them yet, just bits and pieces. Some furniture I know in my mind what it looks like but some I'd have to look at different styles of furnishings before deciding "Yeah, this is exactly what it looks like."

I think what I need to do now is actually go room by room and just draw them. I kind of want to start on what is going to be John's room, which is a converted trophy room full of taxidermy eagles and dark wood paneling.
Oh yeah, and there's a globe bar. ;)
So I'm going to be doing that....AND making a Thank You card...AND a drawing for my friend Chelsey. My immediate future is going to be busy :)