Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Look What I Found on the Floor...

I was trying to just draw straight, no pencil, just permanent pen. Pen is not my most favorite drawing medium but...I need to work on it.
I don't know how to draw Ringo with his down-turned eyes but have him be happy.
Still can't really whole bodies, then again maybe it has something to do with my habit of cramming all my tiny drawings in one small spot so in the end I never have room for legs or whatever.

I drew John and Ringo because I have the most trouble with them. It's either me or the fluctuating drawing styles I keep copying from. It might be a combination of both.
What's giving me trouble most is John's jaw and where it connects to his neck.
Can you tell I love drawing weird expressions? :P

But yeah, the most trouble I'm having is John's big fat square head and drawing whole bodies in general. Ringo's expressions, yeah they bug me but you can see SOME of 'em I got right.
Not to be a whiny little bratty girl, but specifically I need Lesson 4 of the Preston Blair studies, which is about 2-legged bodies and full body posing but every time I post my last studies, (the dog ones) which has been maybe three or four times, I get nothing. Nobody tells me its good, nobody tells me its bad. I keep wondering if I have a leprous blog or something :/
I'm about to say "Fuck it." and go onto Lesson 4 anyway.

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