Monday, May 31, 2010

Floating in the Sea of Traquility

I DO have some drawings I'm working on, a magician type girl making a bunny shadow puppet and another girl lounging with her outdated recording equipment but this is the only drawing I've finished.
Its like a cross between a Russian nesting doll and a Faberge egg. I enjoyed doing something that is kind of conceptual.

Monday, May 17, 2010

More of That Jazz

Been a while since I posted anything. I should really have a regular drawing routine and get my shit together and start comicking 
I was brainstorming an Awsum Possum story and there is a poodle that he sees through the sliding glass door and during its walks that it has a nice place to sleep, food whenever it wants and basically gets pampered 24/7 and Awsum, wanting a cushy life for himself, kidnaps the poodle and takes his place. These are just character design ideas.

An illustration of "Snow White". If you can't tell what scene it is, its the Wicked Queen in disguise as an old beggar woman offering Snow White the poison apple. I had fun drawing the old gnarled up tree branches.


 Faces and random people. I think the nebulous one on the top is Jimi Hendrix.

I think the skinny children on the bottom are Hansel and Gretel.

Hands and mouths...and some heads.

People I practiced drawing from a magazine. I think it was "Better Homes and Gardens", something like that.