Thursday, August 11, 2011

Old Stuff, New(er) Stuff

Based on this earlier drawing of Paul. My idea was to draw John Lennon on all four corners of the paper and do a kind of watercolor wash with some arty paint splatters. I could still do that but the piece of paper this is on is kind of grunge-y so maybe not. What I have finished of it is okay-looking, though. 

An earlier drawing of the Fruit Stripe Gum zebra. (That makes two so far) I'll make a better version someday.

I cryptically mentioned a "Help!"-inspired piece of art I had and this is it. I had forgotten I had it and I like the idea but knowing what I know now about coloring with programs like Adobe Illustrator and PSP, I could make it look a lot better. 
Thumbnail drawings. 

 I think with this I was just testing out a pen. My favorite one is the Botticelli Venus because it turned out the best. 

 Trying to find a consistent look. 


  1. Not sure if you got my response via e-mail (Yahoo tends to place my letters in 'junk/spam' folders. It thinks they're porn because of the word 'fatties' in my address.), but here it is...

    Came acorss your blog through a link on a message you left on Cartoon Brew. Once I saw you were screwing around with Beatles designs, I knew you were decent people. :)

  2. Yeah? I'm not usually on Cartoon Brew but I added my two cents on "Ren and Stimpy". 20 years, wow. I feel old. XD

    Yeah, at first I wanted to do a Flash cartoon based on the Al Brodax Saturday morning cartoons and then it just kind of morphed into just making comics of them. The problem of drawing from the cartoons mostly is because the look is so inconsistent. I think they had maybe two or three head animators because the look tends to fluctuate from episode to episode. I went through about three revisions of Paul alone because of this plus there has been my own journey through learning cartooning from John K.'s blog and just working my way through the Preston Blair cartooning book. Now its just a matter of putting pen to paper and actually doing it.
    Actually, I might as well make a big post about it.
    P.S.: if you haven't seen the cartoons, here is one. They get weirder than this. Much weirder.

  3. I know the old Beatles 'toons well. Here's a cartoon I did a few years back that you might enjoy:

    I'm working on a new Beatles-themed piece... Here's an image of what they will look like:

    I'm no animator by any means, but the Flash program makes my ideas possible without having to gather a cast and crew.