Saturday, June 6, 2009


Hi, my name is Amanda Hamilton. I made this blog to put all or most of my drawings, doodles, what have you. I decided to make a separate place to post 'em because its totally bogging down my Livejournal.
I'm kind of having a problem, though. Should the first thing I post be the most recent thing I did or the oldest? Maybe the most recent, since I'm so damn proud of it. :)

Wow, that looks bitchin', even though that's not what I wanted to do.

My Dad gave me an Office Max ink pen to test out and I was flipping through my Beatles Anthology book and I found this beaut. In case you can't tell who it is, its Paul McCartney.

I'm gonna tell you, pen is not something I usually draw with. I hate the permanence of it. I usually draw with pencil and ending up erasing like...a million times before I'm done. And I've noticed I draw lightly so when I scan something in, it barely shows up and I have to end up going over it with pen and doing a whole bunch of tricks on Paint Shop Pro 7 to make it visible and color-able.
Anyway, I've noticed that I drew a picture from the sessions the Beatles did during Revolver and I kind of made it Revolver-looking. I did that unintentionally, honest :P
I am really glad at how it turned out, though. The only thing I don't like is the way Paul's bass turned out. It was a black and white picture I was copying from but it was probably some kind of Tobacco Sunburst finish and...I can't really do a gradient with pen.

You (all zero people) are lucky. I made this blog in a creative flurry (plus I'm graduating in less than a week) so I definitely will be drawing and posting more.
Too bad there isn't a 'What I'm Listening To' thing like there is on LJ. I'm listening to Peter and Gordon right now.

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