Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Leather Goods

air Yeaaah, I haven't updated in a while. I know. Actually, I'm on the cusp of turning my track record of Saying I'm Doing Something But Not Actually Doing it around, due to me finally getting the Preston Blair animation book for my birthday and Sherm Cohen kicking me in the butt a little to actually do my comic(s) and not caring about my need to be absolutely perfect. I AM going to buckle down and give myself permission to do a crappy job instead of doing nothing and kicking myself for it. Imagine some triumphant music playing here because it is pretty damn triumphant.
I even have a tentative schedule queued up in my mind of how the comics are going to be drawn, colored and posted and even overhauling my coloring technique altogether and just have a straight-forward 'cartoon-y' coloring style and not really bothering with light shading unless the light source is something like a spotlight or a flashlight. One more thing I don't have to rack my enormous brain about, durp.

Have some of these sketch/doodles to tide you over UNTIL TOMORROW!

Ignore those ladies. I sure did when I drew over 'em. :P

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