Monday, June 22, 2009


One of my school doodles from earlier in the year. I cheated and cropped out the half-page of blank space but there is still some on the top right corner. Fail.

One I did a few days ago. I was also trying to see if Ringo would look go with the black hair he sports in the cartoon as opposed to some of my drawings where I colored him with brown hair.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Try To Make Sense Of This

Medusa-Claus. Just because.

In less depressing news, I organized my drawing folder while listening to Frank Zappa, why not. I tried to do some drawings but all that came out was a depressing Post-it note doodle. I noticed something. A lot of the space in my folder was taken up by pieces of paper with only a few small, random doodles on them. The problem I'm having is whether or not to keep them all. And I need more clear protector sheets.

I really do need to start on that "Brown Chicken, Brown Cow" comic.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Old Drawing: Lennon and McCartney

I dunno whether I should post all my previous drawings all at once or space 'em out a little.

This is one of my 'cute' drawings. I wish when people see my stuff, they didn't JUST describe it as 'cute'. I mean, you can see obviously, I wasn't too good at drawing clothing wrinkles but y'know. That's just one thing. Maybe I want to hear something more...academic than 'cute'.

I'm only posting this one because in a couple hours I'm going to be REALLY busy.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Yakety Yak: Beatles 'Toons

Okay, one of the reasons I started this blog was so I'd have somewhere to post my Beatle 'toons. But WHAT are my Beatle 'toons, you ask?

They are my version of the Al Brodax Saturday morning Beatles cartoons.
I started with I saw a couple of 'em on Youtube and I thought they were the goofiest thing ever. At some point, I also got a green T-shirt with 'em on it and I was like "Wha-hey, I could draw these!" After a few missteps, I found I could and I liked the way they turned out. I drew them more and more often thanks to a cheat sheet I made from the T-shirt and the cartoons as guidelines.

Horrible, I know.

I didn't really expect to "do" anything with 'em, just draw nutty Beatle cartoon pictures.

As you can tell, I altered the way they were drawn a LITTLE. Some of it is unintentional and some of it isn't. For some reason, when I copy something, it doesn't come out EXACTLY right (because I'm human, lol) plus I add these thick eyebrows to John. They seemed...more realistic.

...I get the feeling this post isn't going to look right.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

First Thing To Do

Make a banner. I'm not even sure I'm keeping the name.


Hi, my name is Amanda Hamilton. I made this blog to put all or most of my drawings, doodles, what have you. I decided to make a separate place to post 'em because its totally bogging down my Livejournal.
I'm kind of having a problem, though. Should the first thing I post be the most recent thing I did or the oldest? Maybe the most recent, since I'm so damn proud of it. :)

Wow, that looks bitchin', even though that's not what I wanted to do.

My Dad gave me an Office Max ink pen to test out and I was flipping through my Beatles Anthology book and I found this beaut. In case you can't tell who it is, its Paul McCartney.

I'm gonna tell you, pen is not something I usually draw with. I hate the permanence of it. I usually draw with pencil and ending up erasing like...a million times before I'm done. And I've noticed I draw lightly so when I scan something in, it barely shows up and I have to end up going over it with pen and doing a whole bunch of tricks on Paint Shop Pro 7 to make it visible and color-able.
Anyway, I've noticed that I drew a picture from the sessions the Beatles did during Revolver and I kind of made it Revolver-looking. I did that unintentionally, honest :P
I am really glad at how it turned out, though. The only thing I don't like is the way Paul's bass turned out. It was a black and white picture I was copying from but it was probably some kind of Tobacco Sunburst finish and...I can't really do a gradient with pen.

You (all zero people) are lucky. I made this blog in a creative flurry (plus I'm graduating in less than a week) so I definitely will be drawing and posting more.
Too bad there isn't a 'What I'm Listening To' thing like there is on LJ. I'm listening to Peter and Gordon right now.