Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sketches from my Drawing I class

I did say I would update with some of the stuff I've been drawing in my Drawing I class, didn't I? As for any cartoon-y stuff, that should be fixed soon when we get a new scanner but until then, enjoy these sketches. 

Still life. Done in charcoal and I think white Conte crayon. 

Still life. Graphite pencil. 

Still life. Also done with graphite pencil. 

Cross-contour still life. Graphite pencil

Blind contour still life. Graphite pencil. 

Still life done with cross-hatching. (its a taxidermied fox and a rabbit garden ornament) Graphite pencil or Graphite stick. I forget which. 

Stippling done with ink pen

Negative space still life. Charcoal. 

Figures in my class. 

Still life. Done in terra cota-colored Conte crayon

First covered the paper with charcoal and erased out the lines for the person in my class I was drawing. It turned out okay but if you know charcoal, it gets everywhere. :/

First attempt at Conte crayon (terra cota and white)

Second attempt (Black, gray and white Conte crayon)

Thumbprint done with ink stamp pad. I had just bought it and the ink was already semi-dry (then again, it was on Clearance, so there you go :P) so it didn't show up too well.

Imaginary 1-point perspective. 

Actual 1-point perspective. I didn't finish it. I was distracted :P

My Master drawing (I made a grid of the original painting and enlarged it) of "Olympia" by Eduard Manet. 

A doodle of Woody Woodpeckers I did on in the margins of my newsprint pad. 
A teaser of things to come. 
'til then...:)

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