Monday, November 16, 2009

There's a Place

This is a blog for my artwerks, mostly BUT

OMG, guys, you have NO idea how much this song makes me feel better. This might not even be my favorite Beatles song (that goes to "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds") but...I don't know.
Even though I have mucho amor for all the Beatles' phases, there's something about their '63 "Please Please Me" era that just strikes me in that place. (no, not THAT place...think somewhere in the cockle region) Their haircut is in the definite mop-top but it hasn't grown out yet and they're teetering on the cusp of stardom and they seem so eager and unspoiled and enthusiastic. It's really endearing and infectious. And cute :P

It's well conveyed in this video with footage from the Dezo Hoffman photoshoot. I love how when the camera is turned on the Beatles, they'll just spring up like wind-up toys, both in this footage and in other footage like it.

In the bridge to that song, where John goes: "In my mind there's no sorrow/don't you know that it's so?" I don't know WHAT it is about that part but it makes my heartbeat quicken and my face feel hot, which is a weird reaction to have to that ONE part.

That is all. We'll now return to my depressing drawings.


  1. I remember wearing this record out in the '60s. I bought it in a barber shop that sold Top 40 singles. I can't thank you enough for posting this great video. It really does capture the Lads on the cusp, doesn't it?

    Great blog you've got here.

  2. Oh thank you! I're welcome, lol.
    Yeah when I first got into the Beatles six years ago (God, has it REALLY been that long?) I started with the songs that were on "Yellow Submarine" so in a way, I started backward in their catalogue.

    Sure does. You're lucky this post didn't dissolve into "OMG OMG SO CUUUUUUTE! =^_______^="
    The Beatles make me do that. XD

    Oh thank you. AND you're following me. Super. :)