Thursday, October 8, 2009

Gathers No Moss

I've been practicing a little bit drawing cartoony or at the very least stylized versions of sixties people. First: The Stones.

First of all, they're butt-ugly, lol.
No, I don't mean that.
I'm just used to drawing them. I tried to draw them from their album sleeves (I have a lot of their albums on vinyl) and the problem with that is a lot of 'em, especially the early ones, are in shadow (have you seen your mother, baby? standing in the shadow?)

So that's why some of the ones on this page are half-faces or face fractions.
If you can recognize them, there are some of Mick, one of Bill Wyman, two (?) of Keith Richards and one in the top right corner of an evil looking Brian Jones taken right from the cover of "Between the Buttons".
Besides LP covers, I had a couple classic rock books that had pictures of the Stones so I sketched/doodled from those

From the bottom left up: Mick, (in a very baggy sweater) disembodied Charlie Watts head, Keith Richards on the left, either Keith or Bill Wyman on the right, smiling Charlie Watts, Brian Jones laughing to himself, and then a very unamused Mick Jagger on the top left.

I had one more sheet but I can't find it at the moment. I'll look in the morning.

The thing is...after drawing them and figuring out how they look and how their faces are made up, I don't know which ones are 'good' or at least 'a step in the right direction' or 'crappy'. What do you think?

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