Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Quick One...

Hey guys! I have been sans Internetis from late July. Long story. Just know I haven't been totally idle in that that time and I WILL have new stuff to post plus some little projects/excersises. I realize now why my Draw One Thing a Day for the Whole Month challenge didn't work: I was pretty much jumping into it without taking baby steps towards a big task like that. Small goals lead to big goals. That...nonsense.
What I'm planning is:
1. Small drawings/sketches of fairy tale girls (Goldilocks, Little Red Riding Hood) and literary characters (Pippi Longstocking, Dorothy Gale, Alice)
2. Specific girls from episodes of "Mystery Science Theater 3000". Even if (and in some cases, they are, meow :P) the women aren't good-looking, per se but...distinct looking. Some episodes, it'd be only one girl like in "Santa Claus", the Mexican version of a Christmas movie, the only girl is Lupita. would just be sketches of Lupita. Just one example.
3. A couple non-cartoon Beatle drawings. I have one that is still unfinished that is "Help!"-inspired but yeah.

PLUS a couple of drawings I did in my past art classes that I rooted through and would like to show off, lol.


  1. Now that I've got my internet back up,
    I'm going to do that "one drawing a day"
    thing again really soon.

  2. Eric: Well, good luck with that. :)