Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jimmy Page

-Did the hair with a Sharpie to make it look darker and to contrast with everything else
-Satin is hard to do texture for with a pen
-I COMPLETELY messed up the body.
-Dunno if I'll still be doing the July challenge. I'm 5 days behind.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Your Opinion...

Which do you like better as the name for this bloggy thing?

-Spanish Castle Magic. My Livejournal is called Manic Depression and...since my LJ username is the name of another Jimi Hendrix song, I thought I'd carry that over to this blog.


-Tartoons (or Tart Toons) A funny way my Dad says 'cartoons'.

Either one is picked (by the zero people who read this, harumph) I'll draw the header for it.

I am three drawings behind for July. PHAIL.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Lil' Faun Boy

The second one for this month of challenge!
It's a faun boy, based on the fauns in the "Pastoral Symphony" sequence in "Fantasia". I didn't copy it from that, tho. It was mostly from memory and my own assumption of what fauns look like (impish)
I did part of it last night but I didn't know how goat legs looked so I did that part today.

29 more drawings!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Gem Dragon

Inspired by a daydream I had a couple of days ago and the the M.C. Escher etching "Dragon", although compared with it, they're aren't that similar.

I used to draw dragons all the time but now...not so much.

I like the effect I used on the gems and crystals to bring out their facets to make them look more...3D.
I messed up on the texture for the webbing of the dragon's wing, though.
Link-esque knight in the foreground, geehee. :P

I was also brainstorming this goofy, yellow horned dragon for so kind of kid's cartoon...thing.

Starting on July 1st, I'm going to start drawing something everyday, since its clear I'm not getting a summer job.